President’s Message

Dear fellow Colleagues, Members and Friends,
Together with the Board I would like to Thank you all for coming to help us celebrate our forty fifth year of excellence at our Annual ACF/Professional Chef’s Association “President’s Charity Scholarship Ball”. I would like to say how extremely grateful we are for your overwhelming enthusiasm and ongoing support. As you know our active organization continues to support students by providing them with scholarship funding. Tonight we come together to honor deserving members in our Chapter who dedicate many countless hours of energy, time and service.
The past thirty four years have been incredible, I do remember Edward Maccavany saying “you should” (which meant you are) going to an American Culinary Federation meeting tonight, then Raymond Lopez saying “you should” (which meant you are) going to be our new Sergeant at Arms, Nickolas Dabbenigno saying “ in handing over to you the Treasure’s position, I entrust you will keep us fiscally responsible and watch over the organization as I have” and to all the many past President’s that have influenced me along the way to this moment, I am humbled to be the President of the PCASJ. We here tonight should all be proud of the great accomplishments that this chapter has accomplished and participated in over the years, continuing to mentor and give out scholarships to students, helping the Food Bank of South Jersey through the Captain’s Table, which was just held on March 2rd at The AC Boat Show and other pantry’s in the area. A great shout out to those who help weekly at the Atlantic City Rescue Missions “Heart Healthy Soup Program” which will shortly be reaching an all new mile stone of 75,000 bowls served. “Operation Serving those who have served us” at the Vineland Veteran’s Memorial Home is another success story and it has become their number one event that the veterans look forward to each year, as we serve about 300 veterans and fifty plus volunteers. All volunteers have their own memories of these events, one in particularly stands out, while sitting down to eat with a veteran and asking him how he was today, he shakenly handed me a paper showing a signed letter by then Chief of Naval Operations, Elmo Russell "Bud" Zumwalt, Jr. honoring him for landing on the beaches of France in WW II. I can say in many ways that does stay with me and did touch me deeply. Another one of our annual events “Chefs at The Shore “gathers us for fun and food at the AC Aquarium, where we again raise money for scholarship’s through the great participation of our members, without our dedicated members this would not be possible, I thank you all for your continued support. Over these last years the organization has directly and indirectly been involved in a great deal, and “If a Chef can’t help another chef, then who can”? Our chapter has helped current and past members of our Organization when we can.
In February 2016 members of our association were Presenters at the Chefs Connect Conference in Atlanta Georgia during our Seminar to ACF local chapters in “How to help their communities”. The “One Pot Meal” was modeled for people frequenting a Food Bank and be able to make a ‘One Pot Meal’ from the foods available to them on those shelves. After our presentation, the ACF National then asked our chapter to spearhead the “Outreach Program” at the National Conference in Phoenix Arizona. We did and we have then been asked to do same during the ACF National Conference in Orlando Florida this July. Presently we’re working out the details to have another successful “Outreach Program” during the ACF Nat’l Convention in Orlando. I am dedicated to moving our Chapter forward; as you can see we are active within our local community, reaching out to surrounding counties, states and on the National level. This past year has seen our chapter have a member Inducted into the American Academy of Chefs Hall of Fame, another member Inducted into the American Academy of Chefs and our Chapter receiving the National Humanitarian Award at the Cook Craft and Create Convention in Phoenix Arizona.
The future is bright, full of opportunities for us to continue to grow, mentor our young Culinarians, provide education, encourage certification and to stay current with the culinary trends of today.
As we look to the future, together we can continue to be the strong Chapter that was started in 1972, by those fifteen Atlantic City Chefs, who started with a vision, and I am sure they would be and are proud of where we are today.
My sincere thanks and appreciation to you all,
Kenneth B. Trout CEC, AAC
President ACF PCASJ

<font size=5>From your Board of Directors</font>

From your Board of Directors

New Board of Directors thanks everyone for your ongoing support.

Dear members and Friends

We are very happy to announce, that at our new Board of Directors has been selected and are proud to serve you. They are also anxious to take us to new heights with many of the upcoming functions being planned in the near future.
Please feel free to contact any of the members for any questions or perhaps in need of help.

Sincerely yours,
Chef Kenneth Trout, CEC, AAC
President of the Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey (PCASJ)
A chapter of the ACF

On behalf of the Board of Officers and Trustees, we wish everyone a very Happy Easter and Passover Holidays.
Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and we hope to see you all at our upcoming meeting.