Our President’s Message

Dear fellow Members, Colleagues and Friends.

February 1st, 2018.
With the holiday season behind us and a new year upon us, we have time to reflect on this past year. As a chapter we have been very successful in not only maintaining our membership, but also growing it as well. Our meetings are lively, full of fellowship, educational seminars, and the ability to focus on our future plans within the Chapter.
I am extremely happy to say that our student membership has grown over this past year. We have partnered with ACIT and ACCC and have a student representative from each school joining us during our Board Meetings to gain insight from our perspective, but for them to also inform us what they feel is relevant to them and to bring to the Chapter their voice to be heard as they represent the youth of today and what they would like to see and learn.

Mentorship is important and through doing so, we are ensuring a future within the Chapter.
We continue to reach out to the community by providing healthy, nutritious foods to those in need, and we have held multiple Chef and Child events and received a grant from the ACF to help defer the costs of these events.
We have just held our 6th annual Veterans Brunch at the Vineland Veterans Home which again was a huge success. "Thank you" to all who came and helped, donated items and spent time with the Veterans. It is a highlight for them each year, and I for one am truly honored to serve "Those that have served us".

Looking forward, we have some members attending the ACF ChefConnect Conference in Charlotte, NC at the end of February. I am also proud to say, that our Chapter has been selected as a semifinalist for the Northeast region for the Chapter of the Year Award. Also, Chef Wolfgang has been selected as a semifinalist for the Hermann G. Rusch Chef’s Achievement Award and I am sure we all wish Chef Wolf good luck.

Our next affair, “The Captains Table” Fund Raiser, will be held on March 1st this year and we’re hoping to see as many guests as possible to come out for this event to benefit the South Jersey Food Bank.

Please make sure you put March 4th on your calendars, as this is the date for our Presidents Charity Scholarship Ball. It will be held at Resorts Casino Hotel, which we ‘promise’ to be a fantastic event. I hope to see you all there for a night of celebration, with an unforgettable reception, excellent food and to be able to award some much deserved scholarships to some of our deserving culinary Students.

Lastly, I am very proud to announce that our Chapter has been selected to be the Host Chapter for the 2019 ACF ChefConnect Conference and will be held at Caesars Casino Hotel right here in Atlantic City. We are in the early planning stages for this event and look forward to making this the best conference as I'm sure many of you can attend since its right here in our own Town.

So as you can see, we remain a very busy and vital Chapter of the ACF, not only on a local level, but on the national level as well. I wish to thank all of you for your continued support of our Chapter and remain honored and humbled to be able to serve as your President, thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Chef Kenneth B. Trout CEC, CCA, AAC
ACF PCASJ (Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey.

From your Board of Directors

From your Board of Directors

New Board of Directors thanks everyone for your ongoing support.

Dear members and Friends

We are very happy to announce, that at our new Board of Directors has been selected and are proud to serve you. They are also anxious to take us to new heights with many of the upcoming functions being planned in the near future.
Please feel free to contact any of the members for any questions or perhaps in need of help.

Sincerely yours,
Chef Kenneth Trout, CEC, AAC
President of the Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey (PCASJ)
A chapter of the ACF

On behalf of the Board of Officers and Trustees, we wish everyone a very Happy Easter and Passover Holidays.
Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and we hope to see you all at our upcoming meeting.