An excellent Fund raiser function in the support of the Atlantic City Aquarium, as well as benefiting our Chefs Association. The Mayor of AC and many other dignitaries were present as over 30 local Restaurants showcased some of their specialties.

Matthew PainterJaime HolakTheresa SmallyBruce Ticewith the mayor Don Guardian of Atlantic City

Chef's at The Shore

I wanted to take a moment to relay a story to you. There was a little girl Naomi at Virtua hospital. Her eye was severely infected and painful to open. She came in with her IV pole and sat down in front of a house and just smiled. By the time she finished decorating it, a hour later her eye was half open and she was laughing with us. They do those "priceless" commercials but her joy truly was. I thank you and your students for making that happen for that little girl as well as all the other smiles your efforts are responsible for.

Gingerbread Houses 2018

Last night the chefs association did a fund raiser for the Atlantic County Food Bank. It was based on the Chopped TV show. Chef George Karlie on our advisory board and Bruce Connell the instructor at the alternative school competed as a team and beat out some very talented chefs. Our students helped out with this contest.
Pictured Bruce Connell, George Karlie, William Myers and Kyle Melnick, both from the Stone Harbor Golf Club. Will was named one of the top 25 young chefs in the country by the ACF.

Next picture Bruce, Jaime Holak, John Simkins, Teresa Smally, Matt Painter
The winning three dishes.

Chops Contest