Our President's Message

Dear fellow Members, Colleagues and Friends.

September, 2019.

As summer is coming to an end I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time off with family and friends. I know for many of us, this time of year is also the most profitable for our Culinary Industry. School has already begun for our College students and many High Schools and Primary Schools will start right after Labor Day. Please be careful as you are driving, not only for yourself but our future may be right in front of you.

This summer has been a very busy one for our Chapter, even though we break after our June meeting, but planning still continues for the upcoming year. This past June, we held our sixteenth annual "Chefs at the Shore" fundraiser. Although planning for this event began in September, we faced some challenges in getting this popular event to take place. The loss of the use of the Atlantic City Aquarium presented us without a venue. The second venue we tried unfortunately did not work out, but in true fashion and with hard work, the Golden Nugget stepped in and with just under six weeks to go, it all came together.

I would like to extend my tremendous thanks to Chef Robert Hettmannsperger and his teams at the Golden Nugget, and also Chef Rick Romanelli for their outstanding contributions to our Chapter! Many thanks to everyone who worked on this great event together as a team, we were able to make this a reality. This year we had many new participating Chefs and Restaurants join us to make the evening an unforgettable one. Many positive comments were made and we look forward to "Chefs at the Shore 2020"!

This years' ACF National Convention was held August 4th - 8th in Orlando Florida. The Convention kicked off with the National Community Outreach Program, which for the fourth year in a row our Chapter spearheaded this event. Making a Chicken and Rice dish that can be made from ingredients you can find at your local food bank. The event was held at a local homeless shelter in Orlando and was truly a humbling experience and an honor to provide a nutritious meal for those less fortunate then we are. The American Academy of Chefs Induction Dinner was held on Sunday, August 4th, where our own Chef, Luigi Baretto was inducted into the AAC Hall of Fame! This was truly a fantastic evening and Chef Luigi is well deserving of this prestigious honor.

Throughout the Convention, our Chapter was well represented. Board of Governors meetings in which, as President of our chapter, I was able to vote on vital issues that affect us all as ACF members. American Academy of Chefs Meetings all with voting to continue to make the ACF and AAC stronger as we move forward. Many wonderful seminars and demonstrations were held with outstanding presenters and great speakers.

The new National Board of Directors was sworn in, and the ACF National President, Chef Stafford DeCambra, announced a new ACF student membership program for schools who are ACFEF Accredited! During the Presidents Ball, our Chapter was recognized with the "Spirit of Aloha" Award from Chef Stafford for our outstanding Community Service. This is the second time in fifteen years that an award has been given out for Humanitarian and Community Service, both with our Chapter being the recipient of them, the last one being in 2016.

Please keep our fellow Chefs in need in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to hope for their health to improve. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead of us, as together we can continue to be a strong and vital Chapter. I continue to be humbled and honored to serve as your President. Please reach out with any thoughts or concerns.


Kenneth B. Trout CEC, CCA, AAC
President, Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey

From your Board of Directors

From your Board of Directors

The Board of Directors thanks everyone for your ongoing support.

Dear Members, Colleagues, and friends.

As we begin our summer break from the monthly meetings, we hope that you all enjoy time with family and friends, relax, recharge, and enjoy every moment. For some of you it might even be a busy time now.

The Board will be continuing with plans for the upcoming year. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Together, our Chapter continues to be a very vital part of the American Culinary Federation. As some of you know, we are less than a month away from the ACF National Convention and we'll be represented well there.

Our Chapter will for the fourth year in a row be spearheading the National Community Outreach program as we again be cooking for about 300+ clients at the Orlando Rescue Mission. We wish to thank not only our Chapter members who are involved, but also the many Chefs who have volunteered from across the United States.

**On another very Happy Note: Lets all Congratulate Chef Luigi Baretto, CEC, AAC, for being selected into the American Academy of Chefs Hall of Fame. He will be inducted on Sunday, August 4th, 2019. Well deserved Chef Luigi!

On behalf of the Board of Officers and Trustees we wish everyone a very successful upcoming year. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support as together we can continue to support our community services, mentor the young Culinary Students, grow our Chapter and provide wonderful events throughout the year.

Respectfully yours,
Chef Kenneth Trout, CEC, CCA, AAC
President of the Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey (PCASJ)
A chapter of the ACF

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and we hope to see you all at our upcoming meetings and events.