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Your Toughest Competitors Become Your Closest Colleagues

Being a chef is competitive business, and your skills are constantly tested. But you wouldn’t have become a chef if you didn’t love the competition! At the Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey, we come together to support one another in a tough industry and help one another succeed. You may find that your stiffest competitor becomes a close friend when you sit down to discuss a variety of topics. We provide an environment that creates collaboration and support while offering opportunities for you to grow your skills.

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We invite you to learn more about what we do and how membership could be beneficial to you. While we provide a wealth of information on our website, you are welcome to give us a call or attend one of our events to ask questions or express concerns. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey

A Division of the American Culinary Federation

Dear Colleagues,

President Macrina and I want to communicate with each member of the American Culinary Federation for one reason and one reason only. We feel it is important for this communication to make a clear statement and provide an understanding regarding the Certification Commission moving forward.

The Certification Program of the ACF is the "Crown Jewel" of this organization. In no way will we be making changes to the certification program to take away the value of what it means to each member that has been, is and are planning to pursue the certification process. It is our goal and that of the members of the commission to enhance the program for the future, not to diminish its value.

Our challenge is to provide the highest value for all chefs to become certified and for employers to want and need to hire certified chefs and culinarians. Certification is our future and all chefs must realize this for the continued betterment of our profession.

Our one voice will continue to keep all members apprised of our progress through regular communication. If you have a question regarding certification, please do not hesitate to contact me at

As the President and Chair of the Certification Commission our commitment is to YOU, the membership.

Thomas Macrina, CEC, CCA, AAC
ACF National President

Michael Garbin, CEC, AAC
ACF Certification Commission Chair

When’s the Last Time You Connected with Other Chefs?

With your hectic schedule, it’s probably been a while. It’s important to connect with others who are just as passionate about the culinary arts. The Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey provides ample opportunities for chefs in New Jersey to connect, network and attend relevant events. Join us today!

Advance Your Career and Expand Your Network

No matter your industry or specialty, creating a network of professionals makes reaching your goals much easier. Learn more about our networking opportunities by contacting our South Jersey office.

The winning three dishes.

Bruce, Jaime Holak, John Simkins, Teresa Smally, Matt Painter

Last night the chefs association did a fund raiser for the Atlantic County Food Bank. It was based on the Chopped TV show. Chef George Karlie on our advisory board and Bruce Connell the instructor at the alternative school competed as a team and beat out some very talented chefs. Our students helped out with this contest.
Pictured Bruce Connell, George Kralle, William Myers and Kyle Melnick, both from the Stone Harbor Golf Club. Will was named one of the top 25 young chefs in the country by the ACF.

Chefs at The Shore


Learn a skill or get more information on a topic that interests you by attending one of our many workshops. You may be surprised at all that the Professional Chefs Association has to offer!

Restaurant Visits

Our group travels to restaurants in the South Jersey area to taste items on the menu and pick up tips that we can put to use in our own work. We always have a wonderful time!